a state of dance
founded by michael klien and davide terlingo
edited by jeffrey gormly (editor [at] choreograph [dot] net)

Lead Article: on social choreography

by Benjamin Pohlig


Lately I have become preoccupied with the notion of dancing together. Rather than calling it social dancing which quite aptly describes the practice of socialising by the means of dancing, in my work I refer to it as “social choreography”. I want to take this opportunity to explain, perhaps to myself as well, why I have come to regard my practice as “social choreography” and not as something else


published 7 August 2014

editorial: between mind | body | pen

by jeffrey gormly welcomes some new writers to our fold, the fold between movement and mind, between what happened and what-I-can-tell-you-happened, a folded space between internally felt processes and happenings of the body in movement in mind, and externally rendered traces of contact and communication, exploration and action.


published 24 January 2014